“Gggrrrghhgssswwwsshhhggggrggg” says the fan as it whirrs and buzzes and pans back and forth, blowing air throughout our stuffy apartment.  Across the living room, another fan echoes the same cyclic language.  The swamp cooler, finally working, drones loudly in the hallway, pumping cool night air into the bathroom, bedrooms, and anywhere else that the current can reach.  The windows are open.  Cars occasionally whoosh by, and sprinklers go on and off throughout the neighborhood.  The floor creaks and moans when people walk by.  My roommate John breaths loudly as he sleeps on the couch nearby.  And there is the tap-tap-tappy-tap as my fingers click around, typing these words.

My apartment is noisy.

It’s a small price to pay for a comfortable temperature.  There was a horrifying two weeks when our swamp cooler did not work, only blowing hot air in from the stifling oven outside.  So it was turned off.  The temperature rose throughout the day as the sun pour through the windows.  We tried opening windows, blowing fans, even blocking the windows with massive peices of cardboard, trying to keep the sun and heat out.  The best we got was stuffy and warm.  I took cold showers without flinching.

But now the swamp cooler works, so the apartment is usually pretty comfortable.  And right now, it’s night time, so it’s Very comfortable.

Which is nice.

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